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FRITZ!Fon C4 Service

Latest features

FRITZ!Fon Software 3.74

  • New: Support of extended security (Early Encryption and Re-Keying)
  • New: Shows live image from the intercom system (requires FRITZ!OS 6.50)
  • New: Start screens "Call list", "Answering machine" and "FRITZ!Box" (requires FRITZ!OS 6.50)
  • New: New entry in main menu "Start screens"
  • New: "Event Log" displaying FRITZ!Box updates (requires FRITZ!OS 6.50)
  • New: Improved playing quality for web radio, media player, podcast through CELT Codec (requires FRITZ!OS 6.29-30480)
  • New: Separate volume setting "Media" (web radio, media player, podcast)
  • New: Large font selectable (requires FRITZ!OS 6.50)
  • New: Favorite "Answ.Mach. settings" (requires FRITZ!OS 6.50)