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FRITZ!DECT 301 Service

The temperature displayed by the radiator control is incorrect

Incorrect temperature values are displayed for the radiator control and/or values that differ greatly are displayed for several radiator controls within a room.

Note:The configuration procedure and notes on functions given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Box.

1 Correcting a temperature offset

The temperature measured on the device can deviate greatly from the actual room temperature because the device is mounted directly on the heater. Set the offset so that your radiator control accounts for such deviations.

  1. Click "Home Network" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Smart Home" in the "Home Network" menu.
  3. If available, select the option "All smart home devices" from the drop-down list "viewing".
  4. Click the (Edit) button for the respective radiator control.
  5. If available, enable the option "Use the temperature sensor on the radiator control" under "Temperature offset".
  6. Click the plus or minus to set the actual room temperature.
  7. Click "OK" to save the settings.