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FRITZ!Box 7590 Service

Supported VPN providers

VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology allows you to establish secure network connections over the internet between several FRITZ!Boxes or computers using FRITZ!VPN, Android devices, iOS devices, and a FRITZ!Box. Since the FRITZ!Box supports the standardized IPSec method, it can also be used with numerous VPN solutions from other manufacturers.

However, the FRITZ!Box does not support methods such as OpenVPN or the IKEv2 protocol used by internet anonymization services. Therefore, it is currently not possible to establish a VPN connection to an internet anonymization service with the FRITZ!Box. Instead, set up the connection on the respective devices as described by the provider.

Note:As a rule, while a connection to a VPN provider is active, you cannot open the FRITZ!Box user interface by entering In this case, use the FRITZ!Box's IP address (factory setting: to open the user interface.