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FRITZ!Box 7590 Service

Using VPN software from another manufacturer in the home network

You can also use VPN software from other manufacturers to establish VPN connections to remote VPN servers over the FRITZ!Box's internet connection. No special settings are required because VPN passthrough is enabled for the VPN protocols IPSec and PPTP in the FRITZ!Box by default.

If the VPN software uses the IPSec protocol without NAT traversal or the PPTP protocol, the following restrictions apply when using it behind a router such as the FRITZ!Box:

  • It is not possible for several VPN clients in the FRITZ!Box home network to establish connections to the same VPN server at the same time.
  • The IPSec operating mode "Authentication Header" (AH) cannot be used.
  • Since the VPN software does not recognize when the internet connection is cleared, it will not automatically negotiate a new VPN connection to the VPN server when the internet connection is reestablished. This, however, is necessary as the FRITZ!Box normally obtains a new IP address from the internet service provider when a new internet connection is established.
    Therefore, the FRITZ!Box should permanently maintain the internet connection and not clear it when it is idle.

Refer to the manufacturer of the VPN solution for information on further requirements or restrictions, for example whether the VPN server is accessible at a public IPv4 address.