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FRITZ!Box 7590 Service

FRITZ!Box or power adapter gets noticeably warm

Despite the energy-efficient operation of the FRITZ!Box, it is normal for the FRITZ!Box to heat up with increasing workload (for example due to intensive exchange of data over wireless LAN, LAN or USB). In order to ensure optimal ventilation when the FRITZ!Box is working at high capacity, it must be mounted on a wall. When the FRITZ!Box is operating at normal capacity, it can be operated horizontally.
Select a location for your FRITZ!Box where it is not exposed to heat sources and where heat can readily dissipate:

  • Make sure that the ventilation slits are unobstructed. Do not place the FRITZ!Box on a carpet or on upholstered furniture.
  • Do not expose the FRITZ!Box or the power adapter to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place the FRITZ!Box inside a closed cabinet or casing.
  • Do not position the FRITZ!Box directly next to devices that also produce heat.
  • Do not place the FRITZ!Box on overly heat-sensitive surfaces.