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FRITZ!Box 7582 Service

Wireless connection is not established after entering "device ownership password"

A wireless device cannot establish a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box with the "Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility" software. Intel's wireless software tries to establish the wireless connection according to the WPS method (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) using a special PIN and asks for an eight-digit "device ownership password". The software does not accept the FRITZ!Box's network key as the "device ownership password".

The following error message may be displayed:

  • "Checksum validation failed for the PIN entered"


  • The FRITZ!Box does not have a "device ownership password". Although the FRITZ!Box supports the WPS-PIN method, it is not enabled in the FRITZ!Box by default. Instead, the WPS-PBC method is enabled in the FRITZ!Box; it allows you to set up the wireless connection safely and automatically by pushing a button.

1 Enabling the Windows wireless service

To establish a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box, configure the computer so that it uses the Windows wireless service:

  1. In Windows, click "Start" and then "All programs".
  2. Click "Intel PROSet Wireless" and "WiFi Connection Utility".
  3. Click "Advanced" and enable the option "Use Windows to Manage WiFi".
  4. Confirm the question "Do you want Windows to manage your WiFi network connections?" with "Yes" and click "Close".

Windows now manages the wireless network adapters and you can set up a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box.