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FRITZ!Box 7581 Service

Message "An unsupported USB device has been connected"

A USB device (for example an audio device, a TV tuner, web cam) cannot be used with the FRITZ!Box. When the USB device is connected to the FRITZ!Box, the message "An unsupported USB device has been connected. USB device [...] isochronic, plugged in" is displayed in the event log of the FRITZ!Box.

1 The USB device is not supported by the FRITZ!Box

The USB device you are using requires "real-time" data transmission, which means constant and immediate (isochronous) transmission of data between the computer and the USB device. This type of USB device cannot be used with the FRITZ!Box's USB port.

Important:We have compiled information for you on the type and number of USB devices that can be connected to the FRITZ!Box.