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FRITZ!Box 7581 Service

Does the FRITZ!Box support the WDS procedure?

The FRITZ!Box does not support the WDS (Wireless Distribution System) procedure. The trade association Wi-Fi Alliance discontinued further development of WDS more than 10 years ago. The WDS specification was therefore never modified in order to take the latest wireless standards for security and speed such as WPA2 and WLAN 802.11n into account.

The obsolete and non-secure WEP encryption method was used to establish WDS connections. However, as a rule, WEP encryption cannot be used with the new wireless standard 802.11ac.

With the wireless repeater our FRITZ!Box offers a modern alternative for safely increasing your wireless range.

Note:Most FRITZ!Box models support the wireless repeater function if the latest FRITZ!OS is installed. When using a FRITZ!WLAN Repeater to increase the wireless range, you do not need the wireless repeater function offered by the FRITZ!Box.