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FRITZ!Box 7490 Service

Overview of FRITZ!Box models for increasing Wi-Fi range

To increase the Wi-Fi range of your FRITZ!Box with internet access (access point), you can set up one or more additional FRITZ!Boxes as wireless repeaters. This overview shows you which FRITZ!Box models can be used as access points or repeaters to increase the Wi-Fi range.

Note:The exact model name of your FRITZ!Box is listed on the type label on the bottom of the device.

If your FRITZ!Box is not listed in the overview, it cannot be used as an access point or a repeater. In this case, however, you can use a FRITZ!Repeater to increase the Wi-Fi range.

FRITZ!Box modelOperation as an access pointOperation as a repeater
FRITZ!Box 7590YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7560YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7530YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7490YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7430YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7390YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7369YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7360YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7340YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7330YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7272YesYes
FRITZ!Box 7270YesYes
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTEYesYes
FRITZ!Box 6840 LTEYesYes
FRITZ!Box 6820 LTEYesNo
FRITZ!Box 6810 LTEYesNo
FRITZ!Box 5491YesNo
FRITZ!Box 5490YesNo
FRITZ!Box 4040YesYes
FRITZ!Box 4020YesYes
FRITZ!Box 3490YesYes
FRITZ!Box 3390YesYes
FRITZ!Box 3370YesYes
FRITZ!Box 3272YesYes
FRITZ!Box 3270YesYes