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FRITZ!Box 7430 Service

Maximum cable lengths

The FRITZ!Box comes with various cables to connect it to your line, a computer, or hub, for example. If a cable is too short, you can extend or replace it. Since you can only extend cables to a certain limit, below you will find information on the maximum possible length for each type of cable.

1 DSL cable

The entire section of cable between the "telephone jack - DSL splitter (not always present) - FRITZ!Box" may be up to 20 meters in length, often even longer. It depends on the distance between your DSL provider's exchange and your DSL line.

Note:If you are making your own DSL cable, we recommend using CAT 5 UTP network cables.

2 Telephone cable

The cable between a telephony device and an analog extension on the FRITZ!Box may normally be up to 100 meters long, but it depends on the telephony device used.

3 Network cable

The network cable between the FRITZ!Box and a computer or hub/switch may be up to 100 meters in length.

4 USB cable

The cable of USB devices connected to the USB port on the FRITZ!Box should not exceed 5 meters.