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FRITZ!Box 7340 Service

Setting up the FRITZ!Box as a DSL router (standard)

The FRITZ!Box automatically connects to the Internet (operation as a DSL router) when you connect it to your DSL line and enter your personal account information in the FRITZ!Box user interface. All of the computers, smartphones, and other devices connected to the FRITZ!Box can then use the Internet connection at the same time and have equal status.

Note:The configuration procedure and notes on functions given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for your FRITZ!Box.

1 Connecting the FRITZ!Box to your DSL line

  • Connect the FRITZ!Box to the DSL line as described in its manual.

2 Configuring Internet access

  1. Open the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Start the wizard to set up the Internet connection:
    • If the FRITZ!Box is set to factory settings:
      • Set a password to access the user interface, then click "Register" and "Next".
        Assigning password for user interface

        Fig.: Assigning a password for user interface

    • If you have already changed settings in the user interface:
      • Click "Wizards" (on the left side under the main menu) and then "Set Up Internet Connection" or "Configure Internet Connection".
        FRITZ!Box Wizards

        Fig.: Calling up the FRITZ!Box Wizard

  3. Check whether your Internet service provider is displayed in the drop-down list. With some regional settings, not all of the preconfigured providers are displayed until you select "More Internet service providers".
    • If your Internet service provider is displayed in the drop-down list:
      • Select your Internet service provider and click "Next".
    • If your Internet service provider is not displayed in the drop-down list:
      • Select "Other Internet service provider" and click "Next".
  4. Follow the wizard's instructions and enter the account information you received from your Internet service provider in the corresponding fields.
  5. Enable the option "Check the Internet connection after saving" and click "Next".

Now the FRITZ!Box uses the account information you entered to establish the Internet connection. Configuration is concluded when the message "The Internet connection check was successful" is displayed.