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Is the wireless network safe although unknown wireless devices are displayed in the user interface?

The FRITZ!Box's wireless network (WiFi) is already protected against unauthorized access by secure WPA/WPA2 encryption and the use of a unique network key in its factory settings. To establish a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box, you must either enter this network key in the wireless device (such as a computer, smartphone, game console) manually, or push the "WLAN" button on the FRITZ!Box (WPS method) to set it up automatically.

All wireless devices known to the FRITZ!Box from previous connections or connection attempts are displayed in the user interface under "Devices and Users" and "Known Wireless LAN Devices". Wireless devices listed here that have names beginning with "PC" (for example "PC-00-23-14-DD-89-44") and are not displayed with an IP address were not able to authenticate themselves to the FRITZ!Box with the correct network key and were never at any time able to access the home network or the FRITZ!Box's internet connection.

Note:You can delete all unknown wireless devices from the user interface individually and enable the MAC address filter to ensure that unknown wireless devices are no longer displayed in the user interface after unsuccessful connection attempts.