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FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE Service

Accessing FRITZ!NAS over the Internet

You can use a web browser to easily and securely access http://fritz.nas from anywhere at any time and upload or download files, or play or display multimedia contents such as photos or music.

Note:If you are using a smartphone or tablet, we recommend using MyFRITZ!App. If you do not want to allow FRITZ!NAS contents to be changed or deleted, use an access link to share files. An access link allows access with any web browser without having to enter a user name or password.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • The FRITZ!Box must obtain a public IPv4 address or an IPv6 address from the Internet service provider.

Note:The configuration procedure and notes on functions given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for your FRITZ!Box.

1 Preparations

Configuring a USB storage device for use as storage (NAS)

Setting up a MyFRITZ! account and determining the domain name

With MyFRITZ! you can even access your FRITZ!Box over the Internet at all times if its public IP address changes on a regular basis, for example after being automatically disconnected by your Internet service provider:

Note:If you already use a different dynamic DNS service, you can also use this service instead of MyFRITZ!.

  1. Set up a MyFRITZ! account in the FRITZ!Box.
  2. Determine the MyFRITZ! domain name of the FRITZ!Box.

2 Setting up FRITZ!Box users

In order to access the FRITZ!Box over the Internet, you must set up users in the FRITZ!Box and then allow them to access storage (NAS) contents from the Internet:

  1. Click "System" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "FRITZ!Box Users" in the "System" menu.
  3. Click the button (Edit) for the user who is to access the storage (NAS) over the Internet,
    • or, if you have not set up any users yet:
      • Click the "Add User" button and enter a name and password of your choice for the user in the corresponding fields.
  4. Enable the option "Access from the Internet allowed".
  5. Enable the option "Access to NAS contents".
  6. Click the "Add Directory" button.
  7. Enable the option "All storage available on the FRITZ!Box" if the FRITZ!Box user should be allowed to access all storage available on the FRITZ!Box,
    • or, if the user should only be allowed to access a particular storage or folder:
      • Enable the option "Select folder".

      ATTENTION!If you grant access to all folders, then the user can access all of the faxes, answering machine messages, and any online storage you may have configured.

  8. In the "Directory" section, assign the user read and write permissions to the storage.
  9. Click "OK".
  10. Click "Apply" to save your settings.

3 Accessing FRITZ!NAS over the Internet

  1. Call up the address https://[MyFRITZ! domain name of the FRITZ!Box]/nas in a web browser. If the FRITZ!Box does not use the default HTTPS port 443, add the HTTPS port used by the FRITZ!Box to the domain name.


  2. If the web browser says that the connection is not trusted or not safe, confirm the security warning as follows:

    Note:The connection to the FRITZ!Box does not pose a security risk. The web browser only displays this warning because the FRITZ!Box's individual security certificate is unknown to third party organizations that validate certificates.

    • Google Chrome: "Advanced > Proceed to [...] (unsafe)".
    • Mozilla Firefox: "Advanced > Add Exception... > Confirm Security Exception".
    • Microsoft Edge: "Continue to this webpage (not recommended)".
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer: "Continue to this website (not recommended)."
    • Apple Safari: "Continue".
  3. In the corresponding fields, enter the user name and password of a FRITZ!Box user who is authorized to access FRITZ!NAS contents over the Internet and click "Log in".