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FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE Service

Answering machine does not record new messages

Although you enabled the "Record messages" mode for the FRITZ!Box's answering machine, the answering machine does not record any messages. Callers cannot leave messages and hear the greeting "Hello. No one is available to answer your call at the moment. Please call again later", for example. FRITZ!Fon displays the message "TAM memory full!".


  • No more memory is available.

1 Deleting messages

  1. Delete old messages. If you enabled automatic email forwarding, then you can opt to have messages automatically deleted from the answering machine after they have been forwarded.

2 Turning the telephone off and then on again

The following steps are only necessary if you are using a FRITZ!Fon:

  1. Hold down the end call key (red handset) to turn the telephone off, and then turn it on again.