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FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable Service

Pin assignment of adapters and ports for telephony devices

The FRITZ!Box has various ports for connecting telephony devices to it. Here you will find the pin assignment of the adapters included with delivery and of the FRITZ!Box ports so you can use your own cables, for example.

1 "FON S0" port on the FRITZ!Box

The cables of ISDN devices connected to the "FON S0" port on the FRITZ!Box must be assigned as follows:

Note:You can have a technician install an S0 interface connected to the "FON S0" port. The "FON S0" port is terminated (two 100 Ohm resistors are switched on the "FON S0" port in the FRITZ!Box).

Fig.: Pin assignment of the ISDN cable

2 RJ11 sockets of extensions "FON 1" and "FON 2"

The two middle pins 3 and 4 are assigned on the RJ11 sockets.

3 TAE socket of "FON 1" extension

The TAE socket is assigned in such a way that contacts 1 and 2 on TAE plugs must be assigned (see fig.).

Fig.: Contacts 1 and 2 on a TAE plug

4 Telephone adapter

The telephone adapter (TAE/RJ11) has the following pin assignment:

RJ11 plugTAE port
3 1
4 2
Table: Pin assignment of the TAE/RJ11 adapter