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FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable Service

Cordless telephone does not display missed calls or missed call notifications cannot be read

A cordless telephone from a different manufacturer does not display missed calls or you cannot use the function keys to read missed call notifications:

  • The telephone does not display calls that were missed or not answered. If a call was missed, there is no "New message waiting" symbol on the telephone's display and the telephone number of the caller and time of the call are not displayed.
  • The telephone indicates missed calls: If an incoming call is not answered, an envelope icon may appear on the display of the telephone or an LED flashes. However, you cannot use the rocker key or function keys on your cordless telephone to access or delete the list of missed calls. This means that you cannot clear the envelope icon from the display.

1 Missed call notification not defined in DECT-GAP standard

The FRITZ!Box supports all of the functions defined in the manufacturer-independent DECT-GAP standard.

DECT-GAP makes it possible to use cordless telephones with DECT base stations from different manufacturers. It also covers basic functions such as registering a telephone with a base station and making telephone calls. However, DECT-GAP does not define convenience functions such as displaying missed calls on a telephone's display.

As a consequence, different manufacturers use different technical solutions to implement such convenience functions, which are normally incompatible with each other. This is why these convenience functions generally cannot be used if a cordless telephone is being used with the DECT base station from another manufacturer (for example FRITZ!Box).

Note:If your telephone does not display missed calls, instead you can configure the "Info" LED on the FRITZ!Box so that it flashes when you miss a call. You can find this setting under "System > Buttons and LEDs" in the FRITZ!Box user interface. For more information on the missed call, see the FRITZ!Box Call List. The FRITZ!Box stops the flashing as soon as one of the connected telephones uses an outside line or makes a call.

Non-binding tips on viewing missed calls

If you cannot call up missed call messages as described by the manufacturer, you may be able to operate the telephone with the numeric keypad instead of the rocker and function keys. Often you can read and delete missed calls as follows:

  1. Press the envelope icon or message key on the telephone.
    • If the telephone does not respond, press the number key with the answering machine symbol (o_o) followed by the pound sign (for example 3# or 1#), and then press the call key (pick up the handset).
  2. Now press the pound key to view and delete the missed calls one by one. Use the following keys to navigate: 8 (down), 2 (up), 4 (left), 6 (right), 5 (ok).

    Note:Consult the manufacturer for additional information on operating your cordless telephone with the keypad.