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Using Google calendar for automatic switching

You can easily switch outlet switches, for example FRITZ!DECT 200, and LED lights FRITZ!DECT 500, by creating events in a Google calendar for all of the times when it should be automatically switched on and off. This way you can plan irregular and complex switching operations months in advance and edit them at any time in your personal Google calendar.
You can use the user interface of your FRITZ!Box to set up automatic switching and either switch individual outlet switches and LED lights or groups of them together.

Note:This guide is valid for FRITZ!OS 7.20 or later. If you are using an earlier FRITZ!OS version, the configuration may differ or functions may not be available. You can find the FRITZ!OS version on the "Overview" page of the FRITZ!Box user interface.

1 Creating a calendar

  1. Create a new calendar for your Google account and give it a name of your choice, for example "Socket switching".

    Important:The name of the calendar may only contain standard letters and numbers and not any special characters, spaces or umlauts.

  2. Enter the desired switching times in the calendar: Name the event "ON" if the outlet switch is to be turned on and name it "OFF" if it is to be turned off. These names are not case-sensitive (upper and lower case do not matter). You can also enter switching times later.

    Note:There must be a period of at least one minute between switching and you can enter a maximum of 140 switching times per day.

2 Creating a group

If you want to use the calendar to switch several smart home devices together, you must first create a group with these devices:

  1. Click "Smart Home" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Groups and Templates" in the "Smart Home" menu.
  3. Click on the "Create Group" button.
  4. Enable the corresponding group of devices.

    Important:You cannot use a Google calendar to switch radiator controls such as FRITZ!DECT 300.

  5. Click the drop-down menu and select the devices you want to switch together in the group.
  6. Click on "Next".
  7. Enter a name for the group and click ”Next”. The group is then created.

3 Adding a calendar

  1. Click "Smart Home" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Device Management" in the "Smart Home" menu (if you want switch an individual device) or click "Groups and Templates" (if you want to switch a group).
  3. Click the (Edit) button for the device or group you want to switch.
  4. If you want to switch a device, click on the "Switch Automatically" tab, and enable the option "Schedule enabled" and then "Calendar" under "Automatic Switching".
  5. If you want to switch a group, enable the option "Switch group automatically" and then "Calendar" under "Automatic switching".
  6. In the corresponding field, enter the name of the calendar that you gave it when you created it, for example "Socket switching". The name is case-sensitive (make sure you use the correct capital and lower case letters).
  7. Click "OK" to save the settings.
    • The window "Enable FRITZ!Actuator Calendar" with a verification URL and user code opens.
  8. Click the link "Verification URL" and leave the window "Enable FRITZ!Actuator Calendar" open.
    • The window for signing into your Google account opens.
  9. Enter the email address and password for your Google account and click "Sign in".
    • The field for entering the user code appears.
  10. Enter the user code from the window "Enable FRITZ!Actuator Calendar" and click "Next".
  11. Click "Allow".
  12. Switch to the window "Enable FRITZ! Actuator Calendar".

Automatic switching is configured when the message "The authentication process for the Google Calendar on the FRITZ!Box" appears in the user interface.

4 Synchronizing the calendar

Synchronizing automatically

The calendar is synchronized with the Google calendar at regular intervals. Synchronization takes place automatically every 24 hours around midnight or approximately 24 hours after the last manual synchronization.

Synchronizing manually

If you have entered new switching times in the Google calendar, you can also trigger synchronization manually:

  1. Click "Smart Home" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Device Management" in the "Smart Home" menu (if you added an individual device to the calendar) or "Groups and Templates" (if you added a group to the calendar).
  3. If you want to synchronize the Google calendar, click the (Edit) button for the respective device or group.
  4. If available, click on the "Switch automatically" tab.
  5. Click the "OK" button.

5 Deleting a calendar

  1. Click "Smart Home" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Device Management" in the "Smart Home" menu (if you want to delete the calendar for an individual device) or "Groups and Templates" (if you want to delete the calendar for a group).
  3. Click the (Edit) button for the respective device or group.
  4. Click the link "Remove connections from Google calendar".
  5. Click the "Reset Google Calendar" button.
  6. Click "OK" when you are asked whether you want to delete all Google calendars from the FRITZ!Box.

Now all Google calendars are deleted and all of the smart home devices that use a Google calendar are set to manual switching.