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FRITZ!Box 3390 Service

Samsung device does not play MKV video files

A Samsung device (for example a television, Blu-ray player) will not play video files in the Matroska container format ("MKV") from the FRITZ!Box Media Server. When you try to play them, the device may display the error message "not supported file format" or "unknown file format".


  • Samsung devices cannot play video files with the file extension *.mkv from some UPnP AV servers, such as the FRITZ!Box Media Server. This is not an error on the part of the FRITZ!Box, this is due to technical reasons on the part of the Samsung device.

1 Changing file extension of MKV video files

  • Change the file extension of the Matroska video files from ".mkv" to ".avi".

    Note:You can find information on changing the file extension in the corresponding manual, or consult the manufacturer of the operating system.