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FRITZ!Box 3370 Service

Using the USB remote connection over a VPN connection

Through VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can establish a securely encrypted connection over the Internet between two FRITZ!Box networks at two different locations or an individual computer and a FRITZ!Box network.

Now you would like to use the FRITZ!Box remote connection software to access a USB device (for example a USB storage device or USB printer) connected to the remote FRITZ!Box.

1 FRITZ!Box USB remote connection cannot be accessed over VPN

The FRITZ!Box USB remote connection software communicates with the FRITZ!Box using multicast messages and broadcast messages that can only be used in a local IP network. This means that the FRITZ!Box remote connection software cannot be used to access USB devices connected to the FRITZ!Box over a VPN connection.

NoteIf a USB storage device is connected to the remote FRITZ!Box and you configure it as storage (NAS), you can also access it over a VPN connection.