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FRITZ!App Media Service

Media files are not displayed

When FRITZ!App Media accesses the FRITZ!Box Media Server, it does not display some media files although they are available on the FRITZ!Box's storage (NAS).


  • The FRITZ!Box did not index the files or the FRITZ!Box does not support the file format (for example audio, video, and container format).

1 Updating the file index

The FRITZ!Box only indexes files automatically if they are copied to http://fritz.nas using a web browser. Files copied to a USB storage device connected to the FRITZ!Box using the Windows Explorer or other applications are not displayed until the FRITZ!Box's file index is updated. You can use FRITZ!App Media to update it:

  1. Start FRITZ!App Media.
  2. Select the AVM FRITZ!Mediaserver.
  3. Tap "Navigation".
  4. Tap "File Index" and then "Start Indexing".

2 Folder "FRITZ" is not indexed

The FRITZ!Box does not index files in the folder "FRITZ" because it uses the directory "FRITZ" as a cache and for its database files, for example for the media server. Here the FRITZ!Box only shows received faxes and voice messages recorded by the answering machine (faxbox, voicebox), but not the folder "mediabox" or other files and directories.

If you saved files in the folder "FRITZ" or a subfolder of "FRITZ", set up the storage as a network drive and move the files to another directory.

3 File format is not supported

Media files use many different file formats, not all of which are supported by the FRITZ!Box Media Server. You can find an overview of the file formats supported by the media server in this guide.

FRITZ!App Media displays all media files whose format is supported by the FRITZ!Box Media Server. However, media files whose TAG information the FRITZ!Box cannot interpret will only be displayed in the view "Folder" and "All tracks", "All videos" or "All images" (depending on the file type).

FRITZ!App Media does not display media files whose file format is not supported by the FRITZ!Box Media Server.