Info on ISDN TAPI Services for CAPI

The AVM ISDN TAPI Services for CAPI is based on CAPI 2.0. It can be used to establish
voice calls via the Windows "Dialing Assistant" application or any other TAPI based
application like MS Outlook etc. under Windows 7 x64 Bit Edition.

An additional integrated Fax Service Provider (FSP) allows also the usage the
MS Shared fax service build in Windows 7 x64Bit Edition.
Please see the documentation for more details (file "TAPI_SP.chm").

The self-extracting archive in this subdirectory contains the current
controller software. Please copy the file onto your computer and execute it.

In the subdirectory \programs the subdirectory

\AVM_update\<Product name>...

will be created. It contains all files required for the installation.
Please install the controller software using the installation procedure
provided by your specific operating system and refer to the readme file.
If you want to regain space on your hard disk, delete the archive
and the subdirectory after the installation.

The archive contains controller software for

Software : AVM ISDN TAPI Services for CAPI
Operating system: Windows 7 (64Bit)
Version: 02.04.00
Build: 11.12.06
New features: - first release for Windows 7 64Bit Edition