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The multimedia phone for FRITZ!Box

The FRITZ!Fon MT-F has been specially developed for FRITZ!Box and offers maximum convenience: a large color display, a screen showing e-mails and RSS feeds, and the ability to make calls and listen to music on a headset – the FRITZ!Fon MT-F is simply great fun!

  • Cordless telephone (DECT) for Internet and landline telephony

  • Perfect addition to all FRITZ!Box models with a DECT base station

  • Supports HD telephony for natural sound

  • Full-duplex hands-free function, speakerphone in HD quality

  • Secured with ex works voice encryption 

The joys of communication

The FRITZ!Fon MT-F opens up new communication horizons. As an intelligent telephone of the very latest DECT generation, it supports the HD standard for landline and VoIP telephony, and makes it easy to use Internet services and multimedia applications. It’s a truly talented communicator with plenty of FRITZ! factor.

Telefonieren mit FRITZ!Box

Natural sound

High-definition (HD) telephony lets you enjoy a brilliant natural sound whenever you use the telephone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re holding the FRITZ!Fon up to your ear, using a headset, or have activated the hands-free function and speakerphone.

Touch base

A FRITZ!Box with a DECT base station complements your FRITZ!Fon MT-F to perfection. In fact, FRITZ!Fon has been designed for this very combination, which enables you to make the most of its many features and benefit from free updates.


Lightweight, elegant design

Weighing just 92 g, the FRITZ!Fon MT-F is the lightest product in the FRITZ!Fon range. While it’s visually appealing on account of its elegant black housing, its high-resolution color display, and its ergonomic keypad, what’s on the inside is even more impressive!

Simply enjoy the versatility

All the features offered by the FRITZ!Fon MT-F are intuitive and easy to use, either via the user interface of your FRITZ!Box or on the FRITZ!Fon itself. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re managing your telephone contacts, accessing Internet services, or operating media servers within your home network.

Installation made easy

So that you don’t have to wait long to start enjoying your FRITZ!Fon MT-F, we’ve built it so that it can be installed in just a few short steps. Simply connect it and discover an exciting world of telephony with FRITZ!Fon.

Secure conversations

There’s no need to configure any additional settings in order to enjoy the securest communication possible, as FRITZ!Fon already features ex works voice encryption in line with the latest standards.

FRITZ!Fon MT-F – acclaimed by the media

Comparing FRITZ!Fon models

Everyone has different tastes and requirements. In the following overview, we have listed all the features of the FRITZ!Fon models so you can compare them and choose between them. Select the right FRITZ!Fon for your requirements.

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