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The smart radiator control for the home network

With FRITZ!DECT 300 you can control the room temperature automatically and precisely. The smart radiator control supports you in saving energy, which results in reduced heating costs. Also, you will benefit from a selectable schedule, smart home support, simple setup and convenient handling.

Radiator controlDECT

Preheating made easy

FRITZ!DECT 300 warms up your home at the touch of a button. Thanks to simple management via smartphone, tablet or PC, you can keep your home at a cozy temperature even while you're away.

Easy configuration

You can integrate the FRITZ!DECT 300 into your home network within minutes: insert batteries, push the DECT button on your FRITZ!Box to connect, and then mount the radiator control on your radiator – finished! The control communicates with the network via an encrypted DECT connection upon delivery.

Save energy

With an adjustable schedule based on your individual needs, you can define exactly when and how much heating is required. This way you'll not only save energy, but reduce heating costs by up to 30 percent.

Convenient handling

Other features of the FRITZ!DECT 300 include a keylock, calcification protection and smart open window detection. The last of these ensures that you are notified and can intervene should a window be left open. Plus, the radiator control has a setting wheel for changing the room temperature manually.

Automatic updates

Just as for all current FRITZ! products, AVM also provides free, automatic updates for the FRITZ!DECT 300. These include new functions, improvements and security enhancements.

Comparing FRITZ!DECT models

Our overview compares the key features of each FRITZ!DECT, giving you more insight and clarity when it comes to choosing a specific model.

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