Technical specifications


  • Controls current supply of up to 3450 W (15 A) to connected devices automatically or manually
  • IP44-class splash protection for outdoor use. Splash protection is classified as IP44 only when each of the components, plug and socket, have the same protection class (IP44).
  • Can be used at practically any power outlet
  • Double-pole switching of phase (L) and neutral (N) conductor
  • Manual switching: using buttons on the actuator or FRITZ!Fon; using the FRITZ!Box user interface or MyFRITZ!App on the PC, smartphone or tablet (locally and over the Internet)
  • Automatic switching: once, daily, on weekdays (140 switching points can be defined), according to a fixed sequence, random, by countdown, using the sunrise/sunset function, or according to the Google calendar, switch-off on standby, switch-off on standby, switching by sounds (e.g. clapping or knocking)
  • Measure and record power consumption to save costs
  • Energy evaluation: actual power (effective power), actual voltage and current, consumption by 15-minute intervals, by hour, day, month, year in kWh, euros, CO2 emissions
  • Integrated temperature and sound sensor
  • Recording of temperature over the last 24 hours
  • Display of the actual power and temperature, along with switching via FRITZ!Fon, the user interface of FRITZ!Box and MyFRITZ!App
  • Push-mail option: all information like energy consumed and switching status by e-mail, including consumption data as a CSV attachment
  • Convenient setup over the FRITZ!Box
  • Control via PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet – even remotely over the Internet
  • Software-controlled switching on the zero crossing
  • Radio range: up to 300 meters outdoors and up to 40 meters indoors
  • Integration in the home network via DECT – securely encrypted upon delivery
  • Firmware update function for new features

Device properties

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) approx. 65 x 36 x 127 mm (without plug)
  • Weight: 207 g
  • Maximum power consumption: ca. 1.5 watt
  • Power consumption on standby: ca. 0.4 watts
  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 100mW (up to 5 W) or +/- 2% (5 W or higher)
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures from -20° C to +40° C

System requirements

  • 230-volt outlet
  • FRITZ!Box models with DECT (except FRITZ!Box 7312/7412) and FRITZ!OS version 6.0 or higher

Package contents

  • FRITZ!DECT 210
  • Manual

Article number

  • 20002757