DSL / Network

Compatible with any connection

You can use your FRITZ!Box with any IP-based DSL connection (ADSL2+ and VDSL including supervectoring). Alternatively, you can run it behind a fiber optic or cable modem and simply integrate it into an existing Wi-Fi network. It can also be operated with a 4G/3G dongle.

High speed with VDSL supervectoring

With FRITZ!Box you are well prepared for future developments: Thanks to VDSL 35b supervectoring you can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s. Enjoy high-speed internet without any additional hardware.

At home anywhere with MyFRITZ!

With MyFRITZ! from AVM, benefit from secure and convenient access to your FRITZ!Box from anywhere in the world. Retrieve files stored in FRITZ!NAS, view your recent call list and listen to messages left on your answering machine. With MyFRITZ!App, you can even access your FRITZ!Box remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

High speeds with 2.5 gigabit WAN

The FRITZ!Box's 2.5 gigabit WAN port is ideal for connecting to a fiber optic modem. Alternatively, you can also use the WAN port as a 2.5 gigabit LAN interface to the other LAN ports (1x 2.5 Gbit/s & 2x 1 Gbit/s) to supply PCs, NAS systems or other network devices with incredible speeds via LAN.

Encrypted communication via VPN

With the modern WireGuard protocol and the proven IPSec standard, you can establish a secure connection to your FRITZ!Box via VPN or connect several FRITZ!Box networks with each other. The settings can be carried out directly in the FRITZ!Box and quickly transferred to smartphones, tablets and computers.

Ready for the future with IPv6

In addition to IPv4, FRITZ!Box supports the IPv6 Internet protocol. IPv6 makes existing services more convenient and simplifies a host of new applications, so you can rest assured that you’re ready for the latest technologies.

Peace of mind

FRITZ!Box offers comprehensive protection against attacks. The preconfigured firewall, filter function, and DECT and Wi-Fi encryption ensure secure connections. Parental controls and guest Internet access are, of course, included free of charge.


FRITZ!OS is the FRITZ!Box's operating system, a browser-based software that's easy to use. Clear menus, easy-to-use wizards, and the comprehensive Online Help provide support for any scenario.


Mesh Wi-Fi with FRITZ!

With FRITZ! your Wi-Fi grows to whatever size you need at the touch of a button. Combine FRITZ!Box with the intelligent FRITZ!Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline to adjust your home network to your individual needs and enjoy full Mesh convenience with FRITZ!.

The new Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi 7 brings blazing fast speeds to your wireless devices. The new generation of Wi-Fi uses new technologies to bring you low latency and a reliable and interference-free browsing experience.

Wi-Fi guest access

Offer your guests simple Internet access. The guest access has its own network key and name. It's possible establish a welcome page for customers in cafés or guests at home. Visitors have no access to the home network, so your data stays private.

FRITZ!Box as a private hotspot

When using your FRITZ!Box as a hotspot, you can restrict Internet usage to surfing and e-mail. You have a usage log, while your guests benefit from an integrated QR code that makes it easy for them to connect to the Internet. 

Optimum connectivity at all times

The wireless monitor analyzes wireless networks within range and displays them in a user-friendly chart. So, if necessary, you can switch to available channels and quickly find the best wireless settings.

Band steering: smart band selection

Many wireless devices, such as smartphones, already use two Wi-Fi bands as a back-up. Band steering automatically switches from the 2.4 GHz to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band and vice versa, whichever is less busy. This results in significantly higher data transmission rates.

Connected in no time

Thanks to WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) you can connect your wireless devices in no time. Simply push the connecting WPS button on both devices for safe, automatic registration.

Secure ex works

Every FRITZ!Box is delivered with its own network key to protect your network from unauthorized access. The Wi-Fi network, as well as Wi-Fi guest access, can be secured with their own keys.


Complete connectivity

A range of different telephones can be operated on the FRITZ!Box. It offers connections for analog and IP telephones as well as fax machines. All connected devices can be managed in convenient, user-friendly menus.

Cordless freedom with DECT

Up to six cordless telephones can be registered on the integrated DECT base station, with all conversations securely encrypted upon delivery. FRITZ!Box uses the DECT standard, offers additional convenience features when used together with a FRITZ!Fon.

Answering machine with voice to mail

Once activated, the built-in answering machine stores voice messages and sends them to you by email, giving you the opportunity to call back if necessary. The answering machine can also be set to switch on and off at certain times.

All contacts synchronized

You can either save your telephone book contacts on the FRITZ!Box or use existing Google contacts. The FRITZ!Box synchronizes the entries automatically so that you’re always up to date.

Send and receive faxes

The FRITZ!Box's fax function eliminates the need for external fax machines. In the user-friendly menu you can insert text and attach an image. Incoming faxes will be forwarded to your email address as a PDF.

Making perfect HD telephone calls

Enjoy top-quality phone calls. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, voices sound as clear and precise as if the other caller were sitting in the same room. Both FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Fon support HD telephony ex works. 

Complete control of your phone calls

The FRITZ!Box provides you with a wide range of features to help you conveniently manage incoming and outgoing calls. You can use call blocking to block annoying sales calls Call diversions and dialing rules ensure you can be reached on the move and give you full flexibility when selecting outgoing phone numbers or providers.

Smart Home / Media

The FRITZ! Smart Home

FRITZ!Box is your Smart Home hub: Smart features for energy, heating and lighting make your life easier. FRITZ! Smart Home products and DECT devices from other manufacturers are connected in no time and are easily controlled, including with automations.

Smart Home with Zigbee

The FRITZ!Box integrates a Zigbee gateway and can therefore integrate Zigbee devices such as LED lights and light strips, sockets or sensors from other manufacturers into the FRITZ! Smart Home.

Automate and operate your FRITZ! Smart Home

Control your Smart Home devices with the FRITZ!Box user interface, FRITZ!App Smart Home, FRITZ!Fon or a FRITZ!DECT smart switch. Automate everything with schedules or create practical if-then combinations with scenes and routines.

Media server for great entertainment

The FRITZ!Box manages all connected USB storage devices and makes their contents available throughout the network. The media server lets users enjoy music, photos, and videos on network-enabled playback devices. 

FRITZ!Apps for iOS and Android

The practical FRITZ!Apps offer a wealth of exciting features for smartphones and tablets. Use these free apps for increased convenience when you’re on the go.

Free updates

FRITZ!OS undergoes constant development for even more convenience and performance. The latest developments are available for to download for free, either manually or via auto-update. This way, your FRITZ!Box is always up to date.

Maximum energy efficiency

The many features offered by FRITZ!OS remove the need for additional devices such as fax and answering machines. And with DECT and Wi-Fi transmission power reduced when the features are not in use, you save both energy and money.

Ideal in combination with


Simply insert and use: the FRITZ!WLAN range, which includes FRITZ!WLAN Sticks and FRITZ!Repeaters, expands Wi-Fi networks and is ready to go within seconds – security is, of course, the top priority.



AVM cordless telephones have been specially designed for FRITZ!Box and boast a host of convenient features: HD telephony, answering machines, and new features made available by update – to name just a few.



FRITZ!Powerline turns every socket into a network port. This lets you incorporate devices into your home network using your home’s electricity supply – and there’s no need to lay any new cables.