Your wireless network, whenever and wherever you are

With the FRITZ!App WLAN you can keep an eye on your wireless network at all times. Measure your smartphone's connection speed of at different locations within the wireless network. The app also provides you with useful details about all FRITZ! devices in your home network and the existing wireless connection.

The FRITZ!App WLAN for iOS lists the FRITZ! devices located in your home network and you can see whenever there are updates for the products. The app also shows you which FRITZ! access point your phone or tablet is currently connected to.

Measure the strength of the wireless signal in every room of your home to find out where there could be a WiFi dead spot and where it might make sense to set up a Mesh access point.

Find the ideal spot for your repeater

With FRITZ!App WLAN finding the ideal location for your repeater is super easy. Connect the repeater to your FRITZ!Box and head to the app to perform a short measurement of your wireless network. The FRITZ!App WLAN will then be able to tell you whether your repeater's position can be optimized.

Got people coming over? Generate a QR code or show your guests the network key in the app, and they'll never have to ask again!

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