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Convenient media control via smartphone

With FRITZ!App Media, your Android device can access files that are stored on your FRITZ!Box, or on connected USB hard drives or computers. FRITZ!App Media also transforms your Android device into a remote control for your home network, allowing you to play media files on a network-enabled TV or stereo system.

  • Control media content on your FRITZ!Box, USB storage devices, and UPnP media servers
  • Play media directly on your Android smartphone
  • Play media on network-enabled (UPnP/DLNA) playback devices such as smart TVs, receivers, Chromecast, Blu-ray players, etc.

The benefits of FRITZ!App Media at a glance:

Multimedia in your home network

Straightforward access to music, videos, and photos

With FRITZ!App Media, you can play or view your digital music, images, and videos directly on your Android device if it’s connected to your FRITZ!Box via wireless LAN. The media content is made available via UPnP (universal plug and play) media servers, such as the FRITZ!Box itself or PCs with the latest versions of Windows.

Multimedia remote control on your home network

If you have a network-enabled TV or stereo system in your home network, you can select the desired playback device via your Android smartphone, making it convenient to use either the TV or stereo system to listen to music stored on a hard drive connected to your FRITZ!Box, or on your PC.


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