Retro games for FRITZ!Fon

To celebrate Easter we hid an Easter egg in the home network via an update, yet nobody found it. The five undiscovered retro games are hidden in the interface of our FRITZ!Fon models.

Pong Hardly any other game earned the title "classic" as much as the good old Pong. You'll find the father of all video games, which was marketed by Atari in the 70s, in the game library. Exciting tennis matches against the computer are just one click away. Special feature of the AVM edition: It is played from top to bottom.
Tetris The popular puzzle classic from 1984 has been sold more than 100 million times. Lose yourself in the fascination of falling bricks on your FRITZ!Fon and improve your abilities to save space packing luggage in your car.
Snake Snake eats food and grows. That's the simple explanation for the gaming phenomenon that was responsible for low batteries and worn out keys on Nokia phones in the 90s. The entertaining snake chase was initially released in the 70s. The series reached it's commercial climax with the successor "Snakes on a Plane" (2006).
Super Mario Bros. The most famous pair of plumbers in video game history now also appears in the home network. You can relive the adventures with Super Mario Bros. on the FRITZ!Fon and save the princess once more from King Koopa. Even the multiplayer mode was preserved in the adaptation: Using a second phone, you can teach your enemies the meaning of fear as Mario and Luigi.
Pac-Man This game is all about eat or be eaten. The Pac-Man hunt through different mazes, where numerous pac-dots were waiting to be eaten, started in 1980. During the game it's also important to avoid the four colored ghosts. Yet, if Pac-Man eats the flashing power pellets in the corners of the maze, he's provided with the temporary ability to eat the ghosts that turn blue as long as they are vulnerable. Use the navigation buttons on the FRITZ!Fon to chase them.
How to start the games on your FRITZ!Fon The games need to be activated once with a key sequence. After that you'll find the games permanently in your telephone book under "FRITZ!Arcade". Make sure your FRITZ!Fon is switched on and registered on the FRITZ!Box. Now navigate to the telephone book and press -> "Options" -> "New Entry". Then enter the following combination (please mind the spaces): 2 7 777 444 555 0 333 666 666 555 7777