Fake news filter, improved push mail & more

New FRITZ!OS update

With the announcement of its upcoming product highlights FRITZ!Box 7590 and 6590 Cable, AVM continues to astonish the competition. A few hours ago a new update for FRITZ!OS was released. With the update to version 6.1.4 you'll benefit from improved Smart Home features, wireless LAN with mesh convenience and some completely new functions.

FFNF – FRITZ! Fake News Filter

Currently, fake news – that is, intentionally released reports known to be untrue – are being distributed through the Internet and social media at lightning speed. So that you can surf undisturbed by this, the FRITZ!Box now works with a filter for untrue messages. The tool was developed by AVM and expert journalists and can be connected to your browser and social media accounts. Afterwards all fake news entries are erased from your timeline.

Keeping track of chemtrails using FRITZ!App Chem

Once your timeline is free of all imaginary nonsense you can concentrate on the important things: chemtrails. This is what the stripes of chemicals are called that the government has airplane turbines leave behind. Now you can easily find out if they have been sprayed above your home with the new FRITZ!App Chem (for Android and iOS).

The app synchronizes your location and the current flight radar when your GPS is activated. It also uses the sensors of the mobile device for a rudimentary scan of the atmosphere, so you can easily check on the chemical composition of the air. A traffic light system helps all amateurs with the evaluation.

Don't miss anything with push mail 1.4

The push services offered by FRITZ!Box are a well-known and appreciated feature. With the update to version 1.4 we added another essential feature to the function: a reminder for important holidays.

How many times have you felt annoyed to have missed the "Day of the German Apple" (11 January) or "International Tongue Twister Day" (13 November)? This won't happen again, as your push mail service will inform you of all important events. For example, you'll know that today, 1 April, is International Pocket Calculator Day.