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24 March 2022
Smart Home tips from AVM for the new season

FRITZ! in spring – three tips for the Smart Home

With FRITZ!, Smart Home users can sit back and enjoy spring. Users can conveniently charge their electric bike battery – with transparency when it comes to power consumption and costs. Radiators and lighting can both be adjusted to the new season. And your devices will automatically change time when the clocks go forward. Three tips from AVM for Smart Home in spring.

E-mobility: charge the battery after a spring bike ride

Modern e-bike batteries have a longer lifespan if they're never fully charged or fully discharged. This is super easy with the FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug. Users can set their smart plug up to stop the e-bike battery from charging once it reaches a preset power level. If the power adapter unit is still charging the battery with 25 watts at 90 percent capacity, the smart plug switches the device off. By setting up a schedule, users can also conveniently plug in the battery in the evening and control for how long the battery should be charged. And thanks to the detailed usage statistics, users can keep track of the costs at any time. And with the FRITZ!DECT 210 smart plug, all of this is also possible outdoors.

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Service link: Save energy with FRITZ!

Quickly adjust radiators and lighting

Users who use smart FRITZ! products for radiators and lighting will also have an easy time in spring. Intelligent radiator controls such as FRITZ!DECT 301 or FRITZ!DECT 302 can be grouped together in the FRITZ!Box user interface. This allows all devices to be operated at the press of a button and adjusted to warmer temperatures, for example. The same applies to the FRITZ!DECT 500 smart LED light: all lights are controlled together in a group, for example if you use the automatic switching at sunrise/sunset. The FRITZ!App Smart Home, the FRITZ!Box user interface and the FRITZ!DECT 400 and FRITZ!DECT 440 smart switches can all be used to operate the devices.

Relevant products: FRITZ!Box with DECT base station, FRITZ!DECT 301, FRITZ!DECT 302, FRITZ!DECT 400, FRITZ!DECT 440, FRITZ!DECT 500, FRITZ!App Smart Home

Service link: Setting Up Group Switching for Smart Home Devices

Just like clockwork – FRITZ! devices adjust to daylight saving time

The beginning of spring is always followed by the clocks going forward. Most European countries set the clocks forward one hour on Sunday 27 March, when Daylight Saving Time (DST) and summer time start. What often takes some adjusting to for users is a piece of cake for FRITZ! Smart Home products: they receive the time automatically from the FRITZ!Box. For example, if you use the alarm function on FRITZ! devices, such as the FRITZ!DECT 500's natural light sequence or the FRITZ! Fon's alarm, you can sleep easy – the devices always wake you up at the right time.

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