Press release
28 February 2022
New AVM Smart Home product

Convenient and efficient heating with the FRITZ!DECT 302 smart radiator control

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  • Controls the room temperature automatically and precisely
  • Versatile features and operating options
  • Battery life across several heating seasons.

With the FRITZ!DECT 302 AVM is launching a new additional smart radiator control. Connected to a FRITZ!Box, it automatically and precisely regulates the room temperature. This allows users to conveniently heat their home and according to their individual needs, saving energy and heating costs. Like the FRITZ!DECT 301, the new FRITZ!DECT 302 can be conveniently controlled via smart switch, smartphone, tablet, laptop or FRITZ!Fon – as well as directly on the device. The intelligent radiator control in the new design has an easy-to-read e-paper display with a menu and four function keys. The extended energy concept, complete with with a new chip, ensures a long battery life across several heating seasons. The FRITZ!DECT 302 uses the energy-saving DECT ULE radio standard and can be installed on all standard radiator valves. Regular free updates provide new features.

A range of features for a high level of convenience

The FRITZ!DECT 302 brings all the convenience features already known from FRITZ!DECT 301. Multiple smart radiator controls can be grouped together for added convenience. With adaptive heating, the desired temperature is reached at the specified time. Thanks to the integrated open window detection, the smart radiator control automatically decreases the temperature for a set period when the window is open. Cold rooms can be quickly warmed up using the boost function. The antifreeze protection turns the heating down at the touch of a button. On the FRITZ!DECT 302, users can now check the current weekly schedule and temperature profile on the e-paper display. The parental lock, which is activated on the device with a key sequence, prevents unintentional changes. And if the battery level runs low or the connection is lost, users are automatically informed via push service.

FRITZ!DECT 302 highlights at a glance

  • New, smart radiator control for the home network
  • Controls the room temperature automatically and precisely
  • e-paper display with excellent readability, energy-efficient, rotatable in 90 degree steps
  • Securely integrated into the home network via the DECT ULE radio standard
  • Helps to save energy and reduce heating costs
  • Easy to set up with FRITZ!Box, easy to use with FRITZ!App Smart Home, browser
  • Remote control via MyFRITZ! service (FRITZ!App Smart Home, browser)
  • Open window detection, key lock, calcification protection
  • Boost function for faster heating
  • Manual heating stop with antifreeze function
  • Easy installation on common radiator valves
  • Push service informs about the status of radio connection and battery
  • Updatable with new feature
  • Three AA batteries included
  • Compatibility: requires FRITZ!Box with DECT base station