Press release
4 January 2022
AVM market launch of the FRITZ!Box 4060

New FRITZ!Box 4060: Tri-band wireless router with Wi-Fi 6 and DECT

With the FRITZ!Box 4060, AVM is launching the first tri-band wireless router for Wi-Fi 6. Users can easily connect the FRITZ!Box 4060 to their existing modem and enjoy the benefits of a high-performance home network. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6, the latest Mesh Wi-Fi technology by AVM, three radio units and a total of 12 antennas, Wi-Fi data rates of up to 6 Gbit/s can be achieved. The tri-band FRITZ!Box 4060 gets the most out of smartphones and other latest-generation mobile devices. In addition, the FRITZ!Box 4060 is the first model in the FRITZ!Box 4000 series to support DECT. This gives users a powerful wireless router that also serves as a base station for VoIP telephony. In addition, users can connect their Smart Home products from FRITZ! or other manufacturers with the wireless router via the DECT ULE standard. The FRITZ!Box 4060 in the new white, vertical design also makes impressive leaps in performance, made possible thanks to the powerful hardware. When it comes to VPN and USB, the gigabit limit can be exceeded significantly. The VPN throughput is of particular benefit to users who work from home and need a stable connection to their company network. The USB speeds are already comparable with dedicated NAS systems. In addition to a USB 3.0 port, the FRITZ!Box 4060 is equipped with a 2.5 gigabit WAN port and three additional gigabit LAN ports, which can be used to integrate a wide variety of devices such as storage media, printers, smart TVs or game consoles into the home network. Other features include typical FRITZ!Box functions such as extensive parental controls, a media server for photos, music, and videos, as well as Wi-Fi guest access and remote access via MyFRITZ!.

The tri-band router for Wi-Fi in every corner: FRITZ!Box 4060 and FRITZ!Repeater 6000

Since the FRITZ!Box 4060, like all FRITZ! products, supports Mesh Wi-Fi and has the new Wi-Fi 6 standard on board, significantly more Wi-Fi-enabled devices can be quickly and stably integrated into the home network. In larger than average living environments, the FRITZ!Box 4060 forms an ideal duo with the tri-band FRITZ!Repeater 6000, which can be used to set up a large-area Mesh Wi-Fi network at the touch of a button. Mobile devices always connect to the FRITZ! product that seamlessly provides the best connection. Find out more about Mesh Wi-Fi with FRITZ! here.

FRITZ!Box 4060 highlights:

  • Tri-band router for Mesh Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6
  • Ideal for connecting to a cable, DSL or fiber optic modem
  • Three radio units, 4 x 4 Wi-Fi 6 with up to 2,400 Mbit/s + 2,400 Mbit/s at 5 GHz and up to 1,200 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz
  • DECT base station for up to six phones and Smart Home applications
  • Versatile DECT ULE/HAN FUN-based Smart Home applications
  • 1 x 2.5 gigabit WAN, 3 x gigabit LAN for PCs and network devices
  • 1 x USB 3.0 port for printers and storage media (NAS)
  • FRITZ!OS with parental controls, media server, FRITZ!NAS, Wi-Fi guest access, MyFRITZ! and more