Press release
17 February 2022

AVM launches FRITZ! Lab – new possibilities in the networked home

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  • Talking caller ID – FRITZ!Fon learns to speak
  • WireGuard support for simple setup of VPN connections
  • Mesh Wi-Fi – more performance for FRITZ!Box as Mesh Repeater
  • Try now for free for FRITZ!Box 7590

AVM is starting a new FRITZ! Lab today, giving a taste of what to expect in the next big FRITZ!OS 7.50. In this beta version, AVM provides a number of new features to users who are interested in testing - in telephony, VPN, Mesh Wi-Fi and Smart Home:

Telephony convenience and talking caller ID

The FRITZ!Fon gains a new appointment calendar and learns to speak with the talking caller ID feature. Voice announcements can now be selected as your ring tone, for example for appointments or callers stored in the address book. The FRITZ!Fon then broadcasts announcements such as "Claudia is calling" or "Leave now for the train station". Dealing with unwanted callers also gets more convenient, since the telephone book can act as an "allowlist". Callers not included in the phone book can be blocked or diverted to an answering machine.

Easy-to-use VPN connections

Support for the popular WireGuard VPN method is also new, making it even easier to set up secure connections from the internet to the FRITZ!Box home network – for example when working from home.

More performance in Mesh Wi-Fi

Users who use a FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Repeater will benefit from higher data throughputs and more stability with the future FRITZ!OS. With the new version, both bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) are available for the optimal connection between the FRITZ!Box at the connection and the Mesh Repeater.

Smart Home with more options

The upcoming FRITZ!OS will also open up new possibilities in the Smart Home. For example, there will be new templates for actions with Wi-Fi guest access, answering machines and push mail. FRITZ!Box also supports window sensors for detecting open windows.

FRITZ!NAS supports exFAT

Those who use the FRITZ!Box's NAS function to access data in the entire home network will be pleased to know that with the next major FRITZ!OS, exFAT can now also used in addition to the FAT and NFTS file formats. Storage media can now be integrated more quickly in the FRITZ! home network.

More operating convenience

The user interface has also been given a refresh, with the Wi-Fi section´, for example, appearing tidier and cleaner in the future – for convenient use with a smartphone or notebook.

The FRITZ! Lab is a preparation for the upcoming FRITZ!OS and is kicking off with the FRITZ!Box 7590. Additional features will be added to it over the next few weeks and made available for more FRITZ!Box models. You can find the release notes with all new features and updates at The FRITZ! Lab installation process is also explained here.