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28 October 2021
AVM tips for the cold weather

Smart heating with FRITZ!

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When the temperatures outside start to drop come autumn, the radiator goes on at home. During the cold months, the Smart Home products from FRITZ! help keep your own four walls warm in an intelligent and energy-saving way. Here are three smart heating tips from AVM.

The right settings for FRITZ!DECT 301

The FRITZ!DECT 301 smart radiator control supports users in heating their home, easily and efficiently. Thanks to precise schedules that can be set in the FRITZ!Box user interface, things are warm for when people are at home too. During the day and at night, a lower setting helps save energy. In addition, rooms can be controlled precisely – in the living room it can be a little warmer, while in the bedroom you can have things a little cooler. By the way, the thermostat and radiator work optimally when they're not blocked. The heat is then distributed evenly throughout the room.

Relevant products: all current FRITZ!Box models, FRITZ!DECT 301

Service link: FRITZ!DECT 301 product page

Use groups and Smart Home templates

Multiple FRITZ!DECT 301 devices connected in a group coordinate with each other. This means that all radiator controls can uniformly heat a room. Smart Home templates also help with heating: users may want things nice and warm in the living room in the evening, while the bathroom should be toasty in the morning. If you go on a winter vacation for a few days, a vacation template ensures a consistent, energy-saving room temperature. Before returning home, users can conveniently set their preferred temperature again while they're on their way back from the airport or train station.

Relevant products: all current FRITZ!Box models, FRITZ!DECT 301

Service link: Instructions for creating Smart Home templates and groups

Set up smart switch and app control

With the FRITZ!App Smart Home, users can conveniently control the FRITZ!DECT 301 from anywhere using a mobile device: apply templates, check the temperature, or activate boost mode, for example. All other Smart Home products from AVM can also be controlled using the FRITZ!App Smart Home.

The FRITZ!DECT 440 lets users operate things at the touch of a button. With the smart four-way switch, users can conveniently operate the heating from the comfort of the sofa. The mobile switch also has a temperature sensor – accordingly, the temperature is always measured where users want it to be warm.

Relevant products: FRITZ!DECT 440, FRITZ!DECT 301, FRITZ!App Smart Home

Service links: FRITZ!App Smart Home and FRITZ!DECT 301 product pages

Additional tips on

You can find these tips and more in our AVM guide article about heating control with the FRITZ! Smart Home.