Press release
5 October 2021
A host of new features for the FRITZ!Apps

FRITZ! in your pocket

The FRITZ!Apps make it easy to control and enjoy home networking from a smartphone or tablet. The apps provide added value to FRITZ products and bring the home network to your pocket. New free-of-charge features and apps are being added by AVM all the time. Users benefit from greater convenience and a range of useful features for everyday use. Here is an overview of the latest features and updates.

FRITZ!App Smart Home

The FRITZ!App Smart Home is the newest addition to the FRITZ!App family. At home and on the go, users get a quick overview of their FRITZ! Smart Home devices and can use the app as a convenient remote control. Recently added, users can now easily record temperature, humidity or power consumption over time on a smartphone. Find out more about the FRITZ!App Smart Home here.


The MyFRITZ!App enables mobile access to FRITZ!Box. Users can listen to answering machine messages or access connected USB storage devices from home or on the go. The new Mesh Overview illustrates the networked devices. With the latest version, AVM has also made it easier to share Wi-Fi, with a QR code widget making it quick and easy to give friends and family internet access. Apple users can also block and unblock phone numbers using the MyFRITZ! app. Find out more about the MyFRITZ!App here.


The FRITZ!App Fon turns your smartphone into a landline phone. Support for Bluetooth headsets, which is new, gives users a high level of flexibility when working from home. A new design for the FRITZ!App Fon for Android and call duration display are additional convenience features that AVM has made available. Find out more about the FRITZ!App Fon here.


With the FRITZ!App WLAN, users can measure and optimize Wi-Fi reception at home. The FRITZ!App WLAN provides them with the most important information about their Wi-Fi. In addition, the Android version provides a detailed overview of other nearby Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, the FRITZ!App WLAN offers a wizard that evaluates the position of a connected FRITZ!Repeater and helps optimize the home network. Find out more about the FRITZ!App WLAN here.


The FRITZ!App TV is the ideal partner for cable internet with the FRITZ!Box Cable. Those with a cable TV connection can use the FRITZ!App TV to receive and stream unencrypted channels on mobile devices. A new feature in the app is the display of HD streams. 75 percent of all app users already watch channels in HD. Find out more about the FRITZ!App TV here.