Press release
16 September 2021
Use of FRITZ! Mesh systems doubled - how users can add their FRITZ! products to the Mesh

Mesh everywhere

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The number of FRITZ products that use Mesh technology to offer powerful Wi-Fi at home has doubled in the space of a year. Mesh Wi-Fi is a system consisting of FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline devices which spans a common Wi-Fi network and provides multiple devices with uninterrupted Wi-Fi and greater coverage at the same time. This doubling of the number of FRITZ! Mesh systems in use reflects the increased demand for solid, stable Wi-Fi while working from home and for home networking. All FRITZ! products benefit from the latest free FRITZ!OS update: Both the new FRITZ!Repeater 6000 and existing FRITZBox or FRITZ!Repeater models such as the 7490 or the Repeater 1750E receive even more stable Wi-Fi connections and simplified Mesh integration. AVM recommends that all users add their FRITZ! products to the Mesh to increase connection quality. Mesh Wi-Fi can be activated immediately for all FRITZ! products. Via the app and in the browser, users can easily see whether Mesh is active for all products and can start an update if needed.

How users can add their FRITZ! products to the Mesh:

  • All it takes is the touch of a button on the FRITZ!Box and repeater or powerline device, and new and existing products are combined in the Mesh. Find out more here.
  • You can take a look at the home network in the MyFRITZ!App, start an update with just a few clicks and add FRITZ! products to the Mesh. The MyFRITZ! email lets users know once an update has been carried out. Find out more here.
  • Open in the browser, look for the Mesh icon under “Mesh” and start an update if necessary. Find out more here.
  • Automatic and for all: Whether it's new or you've been using it for a while: All FRITZ! products immediately receive new features thanks to the automatic update function. Find out more here.

The benefits of Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ!

  • Fast and stable Wi-Fi - everywhere: the main advantage of Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ! is how it efficiently distributes data in the entire Mesh network. It doesn't matter where in the house the user is, or which access point their mobile device is connected to: the access points are all part of a single Wi-Fi network, meaning they share the same SSID and password.
  • Customizable and modular: Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ! offers the greatest versatility on the market. The user gets to decide for themselves how to set up their Mesh Wi-Fi. In the majority of cases the combination of a FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater is the best option. A Mesh Wi-Fi system consisting of a FRITZ!Box and a FRITZ!Powerline device with Wi-Fi functionality is a great solution for homes with thick walls. Even older FRITZ!Box models can take on the role of a repeater and be integrated into the Mesh. You can also use network cabling to connect FRITZ! products that have LAN ports to the Mesh network.
  • Secure surfing: Thanks to WPA3 encryption and regular updates
  • See what's happening: With the graphical Mesh overview, users have an overview of their entire network and can adjust all settings and updates centrally.
  • Free for many FRITZ! products: Unlike most other manufacturers, AVM provides many FRITZ! products, including older ones, with Mesh functionality via free-of-charge updates.