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24 August 2021
Gaming tips from FRITZ!

The perfect home network for gamers – with FRITZ!

When it comes to action packed online shooters, a fraction of a second can mean victory or defeat. And in a grand battle in a strategy game, users need the connection to hold out accordingly. FRITZ! products ensure transmission of data in the home network is fast and reliable. FRITZ!'s prioritization feature helps when several users are using the gamer network at the same time. And the FRITZ!Box user interface reveals everything users need to know about the speed of their internet. Find out more here.

The Online Monitor command center

Users can find all the important information about their internet connection in the FRITZ!Box user interface. All important key numbers are listed under "Internet" - "Online Monitor" or "DSL Information" (or Cable/Fiber Information) or in the MyFRITZ!App, meaning users can look for the reason for a bad ping, for example. This is because it can be clearly distinguished whether the cause is in the home network – i.e. on the user side – or whether there are delays on the network side. This makes any ping test superfluous.

Relevant products: All current FRITZ!Box models, MyFRITZ!App

Prioritization in the home network:

Prioritizing the gaming PC or console can also help improve ping. In this way, the data packets from the selected device have priority in the home network – for example, if several users in the home network want to stream, play games or download files at the same time.

Relevant products: All FRITZ!Box models with the latest FRITZ!OS
Service link: Instructions for prioritizing devices e.g. with the FRITZ!Box 7590