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16 June 2021
5G router with Mesh Wi-Fi, telephony and Smart Home from AVM

The new FRITZ!Box 6850 5G for the FRITZ! experience with 5G

With the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G, AVM is launching an all-in-one router for the new 5G mobile communications standard. Through support for 5G bands in the sub-6-GHz range as well as LTE Advanced Pro on all current LTE bands, users in Europe can benefit from ultra-fast transmission rates and stable internet connections over mobile networks. Even where no reliable DSL or other cable-based connections are available, the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G allows configuration of a fast and stable home network. The new mobile communications standard provides for high bandwidths with gigabit speeds and minimal latencies. This makes the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G especially attractive for use with real-time applications such as virtual reality and gaming, as well as for users who rely on a reliable internet connection for working from home. The high-performance features of the dual-band wireless router include versatile connection options for networking via radio and cable. Thanks to Mesh Wi-Fi, a seamless and reliable Wi-Fi network can be accessed in the entire home (dual-band Wi-Fi 5 at up to 1266 Mbit/s). What is more, the four gigabit LAN ports and the fast USB port allow for the connection of many network devices, as well as hard drives and printers that can be accessed at any time by all authorized users – if needed, even via secure remote access.

The integrated telephone system includes not only a connection for analog telephones and many features like call diversion and answering machines, but also a DECT base station. Up to six cordless telephones and numerous Smart Home solutions can be connected there. The well-known home networking convenience of a FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Master for Wi-Fi, telephony, Smart Home is thus now available in 5G networks as well. The same is true for the many features of FRITZ!OS like the firewall, parental controls and Wi-Fi guest access, which are also constantly expanded through regular free updates. The intelligent alignment aid in the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G helps users to find the best location for the router and ideal orientation for mobile communications antennas. The FRITZ!Box 6850 5G is launching now in select European markets. In Germany, the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G will be available in stores this summer.

FRITZ!Box 6850 5G highlights:

  • 5G router with 4 x 4 MIMO up to 1.3 Gbit/s for band n1 (2.1 GHz), n3 (1.8 GHz), n5 (850 MHz), n7 (2.6 GHz), n8 (900 MHz), n20 (800 MHz), n28 (700 MHz), n38 (2.6 GHz), n40 (2.3 GHz), n41 (2.5 GHz), n78 (3.5 GHz)
  • Support for standalone 5G and non-standalone 5G (3GPP release 15)
  • Internet access via 4G (LTE, CAT-16 modem) with up to 1 Gbit/s for band 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28 and 32 (1.5 GHz) and TDD band 38, 40, 41, 42 (3.5 GHz), 43 (3.7 GHz)
  • Supports Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) as well as UMTS/HSPA+ (3G)
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi 5 + 4 with up to 1266 Mbit/s
  • Two SMA connectors for attaching external antennas
  • Four gigabit LAN ports and 1 USB 3.0 port
  • Telephone system and DECT base station for up to six telephones and Smart Home applications
  • Port for an analog telephone or fax machine
  • FRITZ!OS: with Mesh, parental controls, media server, FRITZ!NAS, Wi-Fi guest access, MyFRITZ! and more