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18 Nov 2020
Test drive the next FRITZ!OS now

New FRITZ! Lab for greater convenience in the digital home

A new Lab version is available now for the FRITZ!Box 7590. A range of new features make the FRITZ home network even more adaptable and convenient. Users can now easily prioritize the computer they use when working from home. The feature is now also offered directly for the network device in the FRITZ!Box Mesh overview. When the internet connection is at full capacity, the device prioritized receives preferential treatment when using the internet. This is particularly handy when taking part in video calls and meetings, for example At the request of a number of users and because it's still relevant in a business context, a new fax journal has been integrated in the current FRITZ! Lab, which summarizes received and sent faxes.

This FRITZ! Lab also includes some new features for the Smart Home. The FRITZ!Fon start screen can now display the current weather forecast and FRITZ!DECT 440 can now measure and display not only the temperature but also humidity. The humidity level can be displayed directly on the FRITZ!DECT 440, in the FRITZ!App Smart Home, on a FRITZ!Fon or in the FRITZ!Box user interface. Additional features for FRITZ!DECT 440 in this FRITZ! Lab: The smart switch now shows the humidity level on the e-paper display and informs users if it's too high or too low. In addition, Wi-Fi guest access and the FRITZ!Box answering machine can be easily switched on and off with the smart switch. The FRITZ!Box now also supports smart roller shutter switches from certain manufacturers. These can be controlled using the FRITZ!App Smart Home, the FRITZ!DECT 400 and 440 smart switches, FRITZ!Fon, and the FRITZ!Box user interface.

The FRITZ! Lab will be enhanced with additional features over the next few weeks and made available for other FRITZ!Box products. You can find the full release notes with all new features and updates at The FRITZ! Lab installation process is also explained in detail.

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