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27 Oct 2020
AVM market launch for DSL FRITZ!Box with Wi-Fi 6

Powerful Wi-Fi for DSL connections: the fast FRITZ!Box 7530 AX

With the new FRITZ!Box 7530 AX, AVM is launching a fast, versatile router for all DSL connections and with Wi-Fi 6. In addition to higher data rates and better response times, the Wi-Fi 6 standard enables the simultaneous use of multiple devices in the same Wi-Fi environment. Equipped with future-proof VDSL supervectoring technology, the new FRITZ!Box 7530 AX offers Internet speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s. Whether it's working from home, family use, co-living or in the office - the new FRITZ!Box with Wi-Fi 6 smoothly processes multiple parallel video calls, 4K streaming, exchanging data/files and cloud services such as cloud gaming. The powerful Wi-Fi makes all of this possible: With 1800 Mbit/s in the 5 GHz band and 600 Mbit/s in the 2.4 GHz band, a high Wi-Fi bandwidth is available for many parallel uses. Smartphones, notebooks, smart TVs and other mobile devices also benefit from the integrated Mesh Wi-Fi, ensuring fast and stable connections. The handy FRITZ!Box 7530 AX in a white design is also equipped with the telephony features familiar from FRITZ!Box, as well as Smart Home features, and is very energy efficient with approx. 6 watts in standby mode. Gigabit LAN USB, a telephone system with DECT base station and ports for analog telephones round out the versatile communications package of the new model. In addition to the FRITZ!Box 7590 and 7530, the FRITZ!Box 7530 AX supplements AVM's DSL portfolio with a Wi-Fi 6 model. The FRITZ!Box 7530 AX will be available for purchase in Germany starting in November.

The highlights and technical details of the FRITZ!Box 7530 AX at a glance:
 Runs on all DSL connections and supports VDSL with 35b supervectoring
•    Wi-Fi 6 with up to 1800 Mbit/s at 5 GHz (3 x 3) and 600 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz (2 x 2) 
•    Supports all previous Wi-Fi generations
•    Four gigabit LAN ports
•    A USB port for printers and storage media (NAS)
•    Telephone system for DECT, IP, and analog telephones and up to five integrated answering machines
•    DECT base station for up to six telephones and Smart Home applications
•    FRITZ!OS with parental controls, media server, FRITZ!NAS, Wi-Fi guest access, MyFRITZ! and more
•    Added convenience with apps such as FRITZ!App Fon, FRITZ!App WLAN and FRITZ!App Smart Home
•    Automatic updates
•    Handy format: height, width, depth: 208 x 150 x 37 mm
•    Power consumption: approx. 6 watts in standby
•    5-year manufacturer's warranty
•    Available from November 2020 (Germany)

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