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24 Sep 2020
New features and improvements for FRITZ!Fon

Even more telephony and Smart Home fun: The major update from FRITZ!OS 7.20 brings new FRITZ!Fon features

New ring tones, a smart telephone book, convenient sound settings and a Smart Home start screen: Starting with FRITZ!OS 7.20, FRITZ!Fon has a range of new features and improvements that further increase the usefulness and convenience of the widely used DECT cordless phones. Users with a FRITZ!Box that has FRITZ!OS 7.20 or later can start the update for the FRITZ!Fon C6, C5 and C4 via the FRITZ!Box interface (

Faster connections

The FRITZ!Fon's new smart telephone book means making phone calls is even faster, displaying matching suggestions as soon as users start entering a number. In addition, telephone books set up in the FRITZ!Box are now displayed even faster in the FRITZ!Fon and more online contacts are supported for uniform management of all contacts. This applies to Apple (iCloud), Deutsche Telekom (Telekom Mail) and the online contacts of CardDAV providers. Like all other supported online contacts, these can also be controlled via the FRITZ!Fon.

Stunning sound, more ring tones and the Smart Home at a glance

Users who need to make a lot of calls while working from home benefit from the FRITZ!Fon's good voice quality – even in hands-free mode. Sound settings for playing Internet radio stations and for improved speech quality when making telephone calls are new. In addition, there are nine new ring tones for users to choose from. Those who control their Smart Home via the FRITZ!Fon will also be be fans of the new start screen. Users can keep an eye on the temperature display of their Smart Home devices - this applies to the FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator control as well as to the new FRITZ!DECT 440 smart switch and the FRITZ!DECT 200 and 210 smart plugs. Setting up call blocking in the handset is now also easier, while users can now also scroll through pictures with the up/down volume controls on the side. And if you want to take a look the FRITZ!Box system events, just press the “OK” button in the “FRITZ!Box” start screen.

FRITZ!OS 7.20 delivers a total of more than 100 updates and improvements. All current FRITZ!Box models, FRITZ!Repeaters, FRITZ!Powerline products and all FRITZ!Fon models (version 4.57) benefit from the update with added features, stability and security. You can find an overview of which products have already received the major update here.

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