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06 Jul 2020
AVM launches new app

FRITZ!App Smart Home is available today

Users can now download the new FRITZ!App Smart Home. The app functions as a remote control for the FRITZ! Smart Home. All Smart Home devices such as the FRITZ! smart plugs or radiator controls are presented in a clear, modern design. Users can quickly access and easily control their devices. Users can get the information they need quickly and easily, such as the desired temperature and real-time temperature in the room. In the app overview, the displayed Smart Home devices can be arranged via drag-and-drop or hidden from view. Tapping a device opens the central view, with which you can control the device. It also provides useful information such as the switching status or the current power use.

This makes FRITZ!App Smart Home the optimal addition to the intelligent home network from FRITZ!: Devices are easily registered with the FRITZ!Box at the touch of a button, smart templates or automatic switching are configured in the FRITZ!Box user interface, and the connected, intelligent home is easily and conveniently controlled with the app.

The app is available now for both Android and iOS devices.

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