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22 Nov 2019
Test the next FRITZ!OS now

FRITZ! Lab provides more Mesh performance, Wi-Fi with WPA3 and increased telephony convenience

The new FRITZ!OS is now available as a Lab version for the FRITZ!Box 7590 and FRITZ!Box 7490. A range of new features ensure increased performance, convenience and security in the home network. With this Lab version, AVM is introducing WPA3 to the two FRITZ!Box models. The new encryption standard brings significant improvements when it comes to authentication and security of Wi-Fi networks.

The Lab also introduces optimized Mesh Wi-Fi steering. It is now checked on a regular basis whether a terminal device can be steered from 2.4 to 5 GHz or to another wireless access point for improved performance. If this is the case, the Mesh Wi-Fi from FRITZ! carries this out automatically. The Lab also supports the SMBv2/v3 network protocol for using the network storage function (NAS). In addition, there are further convenience improvements when it comes to telephony: For example, when entering a number into the FRITZ!Fon, contacts from the telephone book are suggested and telephone numbers can be assigned to multiple answering machines.

The FRITZ! Lab will be enhanced with additional features and made available for other FRITZ!Box products in the next few weeks. You can find the full release notes with all new features and updates at The FRITZ! Lab installation process is also explained in detail.

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