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28 Nov 2019
AVM survey

A festive tradition: Under-25s help out with technical issues at Christmas

81.5 percent of all 16-24 year olds help their friends and family with setting up or operating technical equipment at Christmas. This is the result of a representative survey from AVM. A total of 57.3 percent of all people in Germany say they give technical advice at Christmas. Customers with FRITZ! products at home can sit back and relax over the holiday period. With these three tips for the FRITZ! home network, everyone can be a tech expert this Christmas.

Carry out updates in the home network

FRITZ! devices get regular updates. Updating to the latest version of FRITZ!OS could be the answer to some of the issues or questions your relatives may have. It's therefore recommended to make sure all FRITZ! products up-to-date. This is easily done; all it takes is one click in the FRITZ!Box Mesh Overview. If the auto-update function is activated, the FRITZ!Box automatically takes over this job for all FRITZ! products in the home network.

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Wireless LAN all through the house – thanks to FRITZ!App WLAN and Mesh from FRITZ!

The festive season is all about family, but when the house is full over Christmas you quickly notice the WiFi weak spots and where they are. The FRITZ!App WLAN measures your device's data throughput and displays the quality of the network connection. It also helps when setting up the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ! A Mesh network can consist of a FRITZ!Box and a FRITZ!Repeater. Once set up at the touch of a button, it works automatically, bringing fast and stable wireless to every corner of the home – perfect for a stress-free Christmas.

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MyFRITZ! account on multiple FRITZ!Box devices

If you don't want to spend quality time with the family's home network at Christmas, simply set up your personal MyFRITZ! account on the FRITZ!Box of your relatives. This can be done via the user interface of the respective FRITZ!Box or with the MyFRITZ!App for iOS. This means you have an overview of all FRITZ!Box devices in the family all year round – and peace and quiet at Christmas.

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Source: AVM survey conducted by the market research institute Kantar from 7 November to 10 November 2019 / 1058 respondents aged 16 to 64 in Germany.
Question: Do you help your relatives or friends set up/operate electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or wireless routers during the holiday period?

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