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04 Sep 2019
New DECT telephone available from AVM

FRITZ!Fon C6 market launch - the all-rounder with top voice quality for the FRITZ! Smart Home network

The FRITZ!Fon C6, a multi-talent for telephony and Smart Home, is available to purchase in Germany now. The white DECT telephone combines a wide range of functions with a modern design. The new ergonomic design makes the FRITZ!Fon C6 very comfortable to hold while making phone calls. The layout and feel of the keypad has been optimized and the tactile keys make the phone safe and easy to use. The new telephone offers all of the familiar FRITZ!Fon highlights, including HD telephony, an answering machine, and multiple telephone books. Convenient functions such as internet radio, email reception, baby monitor and an alarm make the FRITZ!Fon an all-rounder for any situation. Thanks to the current version of FRITZ!OS 7, the FRITZ!Fon C6 comes equipped with new features such town/city or country names on incoming and outgoing calls, or the option of adding up to five different ring tones. The telephone has a very high capacity battery. Together with the FRITZ!Fon C6's smart energy management, a call duration of up to 16 hours and standby times of up to 12 days are possible.

FRITZ!Fon C6 - simple and convenient

The FRITZ Fon C6 stands for perfect speech quality thanks to the support of HD voice and full duplex hands-free operation. It also has the familiar convenience features of the FRITZ!Fon series. These include call waiting, call lists, a baby monitor, call forwarding, toggling, three-party conference calls, speed dialing, number blocking, call transfer, an alarm and much more. Received calls, answering machine messages, emails etc. are all shown on the display and the message key (MWI), and can be accessed at the touch of a button. The volume can easily be adjusted with the buttons on the side of the handset. Thanks to the particularly strong battery, users can make telephone calls for up to 16 hours. Sensitive light and proximity sensors extend battery life, by adjusting the illumination on the display and keyboard to ambient light conditions. An integrated motion sensor wakes up the handset whenever the user picks it up. A total standby time of 12 days is possible.

An all-rounder: Telephony, music, and Smart Home control

The FRITZ!Fon C6 is also the optimal remote control for many applications in the smart FRITZ! home network. The integrated media player makes it easy to play music or show pictures saved on the FRITZ!Box or other media servers on any playback device including a Smart TV or a wireless speaker. The FRITZ!Fon can also be used as a remote control for Smart Home applications: for example for switching the FRITZ!DECT 200 or 210 smart plugs and for controlling the FRITZ!DECT 301 smart radiator control. In addition, the FRITZ!Fon C6 can receive live images from the intercom system. The door  can then also be opened directly with the telephone. A broad array of services such as email reception, internet radio and podcasts complete the feature list.

The perfect partner for the FRITZ!Box

In combination with a FRITZ!Box, the DECT telephone provides up to five digital answering machines, an easy-to-read call list, telephone books with up to 300 entries including online contacts as well as blacklists for unwanted callers and much more. When making or receiving calls, the FRITZ!Fon C6's display now shows the name of the region or country, and users can now add up to five ring tones. It's also possible to use the FRITZ!Fon to carry out an update for the FRITZ!Box. Wireless guest access and Smart Home devices can now also be activated on a FRITZ!Fon; you can set up a PIN, if desired. The time time control feature for call diversions means users have even more flexibility when it comes to activating and setting up schedules for call diversions. The podcast function for the FRITZ!Fon has also been updated, making it even easier to fast-forward and rewind, for example.


  • DECT cordless phone with many convenience and Smart Home functions
  • Top voice quality thanks to HD telephony, full duplex hands-free communication
  • Internet radio, email reception, baby monitor, alarm, alternating between calls, three-party conference calling
  • A high-resolution color display, illuminated keypad, headset jack
  • Voice transmission encrypted upon delivery for greater security
  • Telephone book for 300 entries, online contacts and multiple answering machines
  • Manage FRITZ!Box functions including wireless LAN switch, Smart Home applications, media server playback
  • Display of live images from webcams or intercom systems, including door opening function
  • 16 hours of talking time, up to 12 days on standby
  • Brightness, proximity and motion sensor for energy-efficient display operation
  • Volume control buttons on the side of the handset
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