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19 Aug 2019
FRITZ! tips for the home network

Gaming with FRITZ!

To celebrate gamescom 2019, AVM is publishing four tips on gaming. FRITZ! products ensure users have the best possible gaming experience at home. The powerful hardware enables data to be sent quickly to end devices.The FRITZ!OS operating system enables users to play games without "lag" and the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ! makes it possible to take part in the gaming fun anywhere in the home. In addition, users can always see what's happening in their home network thanks to the FRITZ!Box user interface and push notifications.

1. Powerful hardware ensures fast, stable connections

As a general rule, all FRITZ!Box models can be used for gaming. The FRITZ!Box 7590 for DSL and the FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable are particularly suitable for users with high demands. Thanks to the high processing power, these models can handle multiple connections without getting into a sweat. In addition, both devices support modern broadband connections: The FRITZ!Box 7590 reaches up to 300 Mbit/s at DSL connections, while the FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable reaches gigabit speeds at cable connections. With gigabit LAN ports and top wireless functionality, both devices can pass on this speed in the home network as fast as lightning. Data throughput is particularly important for future streaming services and applications for video games. At [in German] users can measure the latency and throughput of their internet connection.

2. A low ping and a green light for devices thanks to FRITZ!OS

The FRITZ!OS operating system provides the best conditions in the home network. For many games, having a low ping is the most important thing. In all FRITZ!Box models, certain data packets are given preferential treatment ex works, meaning real-time applications, including games, automatically benefit from low ping times. In addition, game consoles or gaming PCs can be "prioritized" in the FRITZ!Box user interface. This means all data from these devices in the home network are treated preferentially, further improving the ping. FRITZ!OS is continuously being developed and new feature and stability improvement are added on a regular basis. All of this makes for an optimal gaming experience.

3. Gaming everywhere – Mesh WiFi from FRITZ!

More and more people are using WiFi to play video games, for example with smartphones or handheld consoles. This requires excellent WiFi coverage throughout the house. The best solution here is the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ!. In a Mesh network, all FRITZ! products communicate even better with each other, synchronize settings and improve the performance of the terminal devices. The whole thing happens automatically, ensuring users have top wireless reception quality. A Mesh WiFi system consisting of a FRITZ!Box and a FRITZ!Powerline device, for example, is a great solution for homes with thick walls. Connecting your game console or PC via LAN is also very easy. For example, FRITZ!Repeaters with a LAN port can act as a wireless LAN bridge, transmitting the data to the game console via Ethernet. The FRITZ!App WLAN helps find the best location for all devices in the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ!.

4. Keep control of your gaming – the FRITZ!Box user interface

In the FRITZ!Box user interface, users can see all important information at a glance. This allows gamers to optimize their home network according to their needs. For example, FRITZ! products can be updated with just a few clicks. In addition, the connection speed of the connected devices is displayed in a clear diagram. Information on the current capacity of the internet connection, mobile data usage or the online time can also be viewed. The information can also be conveniently sent by push notification or to an email address.

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