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08 Apr 2019
AVM releases update for FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater

FRITZ!OS 7.10 for more performance and convenience for wireless, Mesh, Smart Home and VPN connections

The new FRITZ!OS 7.10 is available now for the FRITZ!Box 7590, FRITZ!Box 7580 and the FRITZ!Repeater 1750E in Germany. With the new version, over 50 updates and improvements are available to users for their FRITZ! products in the areas of internet, wireless, Mesh, telephony and Smart Home. FRITZ!OS 7.10 optimizes the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ!. Active steering of wireless connections means users get an even more stable WiFi for their devices such as smartphones and notebooks (Mesh WiFi steering / access point steering). For users who have another FRITZ!Box in the home network in addition to the FRITZ!Box connected to the internet, the update will provide even more Mesh functions for seamless communication when it comes to Smart Home and telephony. In addition, FRITZ! products such as the FRITZ!Fon or the the FRITZ!DECT 400 Smart Home button get new performance features. The FRITZ!Fon can be used to block phone numbers, for example, and the wireless button now supports Smart Home templates. FRITZ!OS 7.10 makes the home network even more transparent. Users can now use the email address associated with their MyFRITZ! account to easily receive information about events in their home network. The VPN functions of the FRITZ!Box have been enhanced and when it comes to VDSL, the router displays more information about the connection. A range of other new internet and system features are waiting to be discovered by users - for example the option to disable/enable the LED lights on the FRITZ!Box. FRITZ!OS 7.10 brings FRITZ! products to an up-to-date, safe level and is available free of charge for all users. The update for the FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater models can be started easily with one click in the Mesh Overview of the FRITZ!Box user interface users can also turn on automatic updates, if desired. The new FRITZ!OS will gradually be made available for other FRITZ! products in Germany and in other AVM markets. More information can be found here.

Seamlessly connected in the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ!

FRITZ!OS 7.10 increases the performance of the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ!. In addition to well-known technology such as band steering, the FRITZ! Mesh system can now actively steer wireless LAN devices between the FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline/WLAN products (access point steering / Mesh WiFi steering). This ensures that wireless devices such as smartphones, which support the 11v/k standards, have a stable connection wherever they are and are connected with a high data throughput. Users can easily activate the Mesh functions for increased range on their existing FRITZ! products. Repeaters and Powerline products are integrated into the FRITZ! Mesh system at the touch of a button. The new version of FRITZ!OS also offers more transparency in the Mesh network. The detailed overview of each individual network device now displays the connection rate and quality. On the Mesh Overview page of the FRITZ!Box, users can see which FRITZ!Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline devices still need to be activated for Mesh.

New Mesh functions for Smart Home and telephony

Users with an additional FRITZ!Box in their home network will have new possibilities in the area of Mesh telephony: All FRITZ!Box devices in the Mesh from FRITZ!OS 7.10 have a joint telephone book that users can access centrally. The update also brings more comfort when it comes to Smart Home Mesh. The FRITZ!DECT 400 Smart Home switch can be used on every FRITZ!Box in the Mesh network, as can the Smart Home templates. This means switching actions such as "Everything on" are now possible in the entire FRITZ! home network. In addition, the FRITZ!DECT 400 now allows a second switching action to be triggered when the button is pressed and held down for a long time.

MyFRITZ! – get reports and information about your home network

The new FRITZ!OS version makes it even easier for FRITZ!Box users to be more informed about events in their home network. If an email address for the MyFRITZ! service was specified when setting up the FRITZ!Box, the FRITZ!Box automatically sends important information to this address, starting with FRITZ!OS 7.10. Users receive information such as the availability of new FRITZ!OS versions or when someone logs into the FRITZ!Box user interface from outside the home network and, if needed, even help is the user has forgotten their FRITZ!Box password.

New features for FRITZ!Fon and wireless guest access

FRITZ!OS 7.10 makes it easier for guests to register at their host's FRITZ! hotspot: The FRITZ!Fon display now has a QR code for logging into the wireless network in seconds, as well as displaying the wireless access data and enabling users to start the WPS function. Music tracks from the media player that are played on the FRITZ!Fon can now be fast-forwarded or rewound and phone numbers can be blocked directly via the FRITZ!Fon with the new version of FRITZ!OS. Smart Home devices such as the FRITZ!DECT 200 plug can now be set up as a favorite on the FRITZ!Fon, allowing users to quickly and easily control the devices via their telephone. FRITZ!OS 7.10 makes it possible to allow significantly more devices in the FRITZ! hotspot.

Advanced VPN features and more information on DSL

The new FRITZ!OS optimizes the Virtual Private Network (VPN) functions of the FRITZ!Box. VPN connections can now be named individually. In addition, the FRITZ!Box now offers the "Full Tunneling" function. This allows the entire network traffic to run over the VPN connection of the remote site. With FRITZ!OS 7.10 it is now also possible to establish a VPN connection from the FRITZ!Box to another FRITZ!Box at the DS-Lite connection (IPv6 address to external, IPv4 only internal), which can be reached via IPv4. With FRITZ!OS 7.10, users of FRITZ!Box models for VDSL can now improve the connection stability. In addition, the length of the cable between the FRITZ!Box and the exchange (DSLAM) is now displayed on the DSL Overview page.

Update now and enjoy Mesh comfort at the touch of a button

Via the FRITZ!Box user interface, it's possible update to FRITZ!OS 7.10 with just one click. In addition, AVM recommends that all users check the FRITZ!Box Mesh Overview ( / Home Network / Mesh) to see whether updates are available for other FRITZ! products such as repeaters or powerline products. All FRITZ! products are displayed in a clear diagram in the FRITZ!Box Mesh Overview. If an update is available, it is shown directly under the image of the respective product. With just one click, the update will begin to install automatically. Starting with FRITZ!OS 7, users are asked once via the menu to integrate their FRITZ! products into the Mesh WiFi of the FRITZ!Box at the push of a button. The FRITZ! Mesh symbol shows the user that complete Mesh convenience is available. Find out more about Mesh WiFi here.

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