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15 Apr 2019
Updates for FRITZ! products

Discover Easter updates for the FRITZ! home network

AVM releases updates not only at Easter, but all year round. The difference is that new FRITZ!OS versions are not hidden like at an Easter egg hunt, but are easy to find under "". For example, FRITZ!OS 7.10, which includes over 50 new features and improvements in the FRITZ! home network, is now available for users to download. There are three simple ways to install the latest version of FRITZ!OS: The automatic update function, an update via the Mesh Overview or by installing it via the user interface. More information about FRITZ!OS can be found here:

1. Automatic update function

This feature is the easiest and most convenient way to keep your home network up to date. All FRITZ! products are automatically updated as standard. However, users can go one step further and have all new FRITZ!OS versions installed automatically. Simply open the "System" menu item in the FRITZ!Box user interface and select "Level III" under "Auto Update". In the Mesh WiFi from FRITZ!, FRITZ!Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline devices also adopt this setting and automatically update themselves.

2. Update via the Mesh Overview

All FRITZ! products are displayed in a clear diagram in the FRITZ!Box Mesh Overview. If an update is available, it is shown directly under the image of the respective product. With just one click, the update will begin to install automatically. If FRITZ!Repeaters or FRITZ!Powerline devices have a version of FRITZ!OS lower than FRITZ!OS 7 before the update, they will need to be integrated into the Mesh WiFi at the push of a button once the update has been carried out.

3. Update via the user interface

By heading to "" users can access the FRITZ!Box user interface. Users can initiate the search for a new FRITZ!OS under the menu item "System -> Update". If a new version is available, users can start the download straight away. The same applies to the FRITZ!Repeater (fritz.repeater) or FRITZ!Powerline devices (fritz.powerline).

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