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15 Mar 2019
AVM presented the first FRITZ!Box in 2004

AVM celebrates 15 years of FRITZ!Box

AVM introduced the first FRITZ!Box at the CEBIT trade fair on 18 March 2004. That's when the success story began for FRITZ!Box, known for fast Internet and networked communication. For the past 15 years AVM has regularly presented new FRITZ!Box models that always give users a leading edge in technological developments and many innovative functions. For example, the FRITZ!Box 7390 for VDSL, released in 2009, was still suitable years later for VDSL vectoring. With FRITZ!Box 7590 in 2017, AVM introduced the current DSL flagship that could support the fast supervectoring technology for 250 MBit/s even before it was offered in networks. In 2010 the first FRITZ!Box for cable connection came to the market. In 2018 the FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable became the first model used in cable networks with a data rate of up to 1 GBit/s. Today FRITZ!Box models are available for all connection technologies, DSL, cable, fiber optics and LTE. Regular updates of the FRITZ!Box operating system FRITZ!OS keep the products current. Thanks to FRITZ!OS, FRITZ!Box models are now a Smart Home hub which can be combined with other FRITZ! products in a WiFi mesh system for ideal wireless communication. With the FRITZ!Box family, AVM has become the market leader in Germany, impressing millions of users with quality, simple use of the products and useful functions for home networks. The FRITZ!Box has been developed in Berlin since 2004, produced in the EU and sold in more than 40 countries. AVM currently has 750 employees and achieved revenue of 520 million EUR in 2018.

In the beginning

After several successful ISDN years with the FRITZ!Card, AVM launched the first FRITZ!Box in 2004. Equipped with a DSL modem with integrated router, the first FRITZ!Box offered two LAN connections and one USB port. At that time the maximum achievable data transmission rate via the DSL connection was 8 MBit/s in downstream and 1 MBit/s in upstream. In the same year shortly after the introduction of this device, AVM presented two other models, the FRITZ!Box Fon with integrated telephone system for landlines and VoIP, and the FRITZ!Box SL WLAN, the first model intended for WiFi in home networking.

Innovative market leader

Today AVM is the market leader in Germany with its FRITZ!Box family. The current flagship products support the newest connection technologies such as supervectoring 35b, DOCSIS 3.1, LTE and fiber optics. They also boast many home networking options for quick Internet access. Fast dual band WiFi, gigabit WAN and LAN ports pass along the high speed from the connection to the home network. An integrated telephone system, DECT base for telephony and Smart Home applications make communication possible via several channels. The FRITZ!OS operating systems keeps all products secure and up to date.

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