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24 Oct 2018
Home network tips from AVM

The perfect Halloween party with FRITZ!

With the spookiest day of the year just around the corner, it's time to start planning the big Halloween party. These five tips for FRITZ! products will make sure every party is a success. 

Give the party an eerie glow

Dangling skeleton lights and electric candles inside jack-o'-lanterns are even scarier if they randomly turn on and off. It's easy to do this with a FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug. The Halloween lights need to be connected to the FRITZ!DECT 200, before turning on "random mode" and setting up a schedule in the FRITZ!Box's user interface. For more information check out this Guide article.

Stream spooky sounds from the FRITZ!Box

With the FRITZ!Box media server users can easily stream music and films throughout their home networks. This includes the annual Halloween playlist, which can be streamed in every room of the house. Some spooky sounds between the songs are perfect for a Halloween party.  You can find a whole host of playlists and creepy sound effects online.

Smart fog machines

A bit of ambient fog is a must for any Halloween gathering. With the FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug and a smart door sensor, for example from Deutsche Telekom, users can create super-scary fog effects for when their guests arrive. The first step is to register the smart plug and the door sensor with the DECT button on the FRITZ!Box. The door sensor then needs to be mounted to the wall and the the fog machine connected to the FRITZ!DECT 200. The only thing left to do is set up a schedule in the Smart Home Profile of the door sensor, activating the smart plug and the fog machine whenever the door is opened. It's also possible to control the FRITZ!DECT 200 directly, for example with the MyFRITZ!App

Wireless access for Halloween guests

Setting up a FRITZ! Hotspot for guests takes just a few clicks. It can be activated under "Wireless" in the FRITZ!Box User Interface. FRITZ!OS 7 makes choosing FRITZ! Hotspot settings even easier: users can decide whether they want to give Halloween party guests open wireless guest access, or one protected with a password. Whether it's private or public WiFi, the second wireless network made available by the FRITZ!Box means guests can surf the internet without accessing the user's home network. For more information check out this Guide article.

Keep warm on Halloween night

Users can set up the FRITZ!DECT 210 smart plug to control the heating on the terrace. Users will need two FRITZ!DECT devices that can be set up as a group in the FRITZ!Box user interface. In the FRITZ!Box's Smart Home area click the "New Group" button and enable the "Temperature" option. If the temperature in the room falls below the temperature defined in the FRITZ!Box user interface, the FRITZ!DECT smart plug will automatically turn the heater on, giving off heat until the desired temperature is reached. For more information check out this service document.

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